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pv 3.0 cable connector male and female metal electric conductor for solar panel-SMC4

SMC4 Waterproof Solar Panel Connector with Diode Jointed Various Specifications of PV Cable has approved TUV and UL
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Product Description

-Simple on-site processing
-Acommodates PV cable with different insulation diameters
-Mating safety provided bykeyed housings
-Multiple plugging and unplugging cycles
-High current carrying capacity
-TUV and UL approved

Product Information

Order NO. Part P/N Cable special
Connector Terminal Conductor size (mm2) Cable OD(ΦDmm)
SMC4-CMMM-14 SMC4-CMMM-H SMC4-CM-T14 AWG 14(2.5mm2) Φ4.5-Φ8.5
SMC4-CMMM-12 SMC4-CM-T12 AWG 12(4.0mm2)
SMC4-CMMM-10 SMC4-CM-T10 AWG 10(6.0mm2)
Order NO. Part P/N Cable special
Connector Terminal Conductor size (mm2) Cable OD(ΦDmm)
SMC4-CFPM-14 SMC4-CFPM-H SMC4-CF-T14 AWG 14(2.5mm2) Φ4.5-Φ8.5
SMC4-CFPM-12 SMC4-CF-T12 AWG 12(4.0mm2)
SMC4-CFPM-10 SMC4-CF-T10 AWG 10(6.0mm2)
Rated current 30A(2.5-6mm2)
Rated voltage 1000vDC
Test voltage 6000V(50HZ,1min)
Overvoltage type/pollution degree CATⅡ/2
Contact resistance of plug connector 1mΩ
Contact material Copper,Tin-plated/siver plated
Insulation material PPO
Degree of protection IP2×/IP67
Flame class UL94-VO
Safety class
Suitable cable OD 4.5-8.5(2.5-6.0mm2)
Insertion force/withdrawal force ≤50N/≥50N
Connecting system Crimp connection
Temperature range


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