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100Ah battery capacity off grid solar system with 400W power inverter and solar charge controller-SL200-100P400

SL200-100P400 product is an off grid solar power system includes 12V 20A solar charge controller,100Ah Gel lead acid battery and the suggusted solar panel is 200W solar panel.
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Product description:

SL200-100P400 product,includes off grid solar lighting small system and off grid power system.The product is red in style,and iron shell.Solar lighting system inbuilt with PWM solar charge controller and lead acid battery.The shell is equipped with PV connection terminal,12V DC output terminal and 5V USB DC output terminal,providing DC output.It is designed with a handle on the top which makes it portable.Off grid power system,besides with all the features of solar lighting system,the appearance and the capacity of the battery is bigger.

Equipped with wheels on the bottom,makes it movable.

Solar power system has built in pure sine wave power inverter in various capacity.

SL solar power system provides both DC and AC output.

Designed with a extra connection terminal for external battery to meet the demand of more power storage, and guarantee the long time power usage.


Model SL200-100P400
Solar charge controller
12V 20A
Power inverter
12V 400W pure sine wave power inverter
Internal storage battery capacity
12V 100Ah
LED indicators
Green for power on,Red for protection/failure status
EXternal battery connectors
Solar panel
Operating temperature
Protection function
Over charge,over discharge,overload,short circuit,reverse polarity,low and over voltage,over heat etc. protection
Product information 412*213*472mm

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