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1000W 2000W 3000W 5000W Solar Energy Generating System Full Kit Solar for Home Electricity

Carspa SCI series off grid solar power system is a cabinet type electricity generating system. There are 5 different capacity solar power systems as 800W/1600W/2400W/3200W/4000W.In all of systems with same principle,PV module transfer the solar energy to electric energy,which then charges the battery bank through the controller.Battery bank store energy and supply power to AC loads or household applicances through the inverter which it convert DC to AC.
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Product Description

Solar home kit system this product is high performance,family used portable solar power system ,which can receive energy and store it in battery outside connected to solar home kit by solar energy on sunny day ,and supplies electric power for varies appliances such as electric fan,lighting lamps, television,portable computer etc,It can supply power for both DC and AC electric application. It's very helpful and useful for home electric supply.

Product Information

Inverter Output Voltage 110V 230V 110V 230V 110V 230V 110V 230V 110V 230V
Voltage range 100~120V 220~240V 100~120V 220~240V 100~120V 220~240V 100~120V 220~240V 100~120V 220~240V
Frequency 50/60Hz±3 50/60Hz±3 50/60Hz±3 50/60Hz±3 50/60Hz±3
Rated Power 800W 1600W 2400W 3200W 4000W
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Input Voltage 24V 48V 24V 48V 24V 48V 24V 48V 24V 48V
Voltage range 19~31V 38~62V 19~31V 38~62V 19~31V 38~62V 19~31V 38~62V 19~31V 38~62V
Protection function low voltage alarm&shutdown, high voltage shutdown,oveload, over heat,reverse polarity,earth leakage short circuit protection
Solar charge controller System voltage 24V or 48V
Max.charge current 10A-180A
Battery box capacity 2*100Ah/ 2*150Ah/ 2*200Ah optional

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