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The notice of our company has resumed work and production

  • 2020/3/3 0:00:00
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Our company has officially resumed work and production on 24th February 2020.

We are fully prepared for resumption of work and production and have prepared an epidemic prevention and control plan.

Prevention and Control Organization System

1.     Establish an epidemic prevention and control working group, with the general manager as the chief commander of the working group and the heads of various departments as a team member.

2.     Implement specialized epidemic prevention and control personnel and work teams, and all responsibilities are assigned to people to achieve grid-based management.

Enterprise employee management

1. Establish a registration system for returnees, register returnees in person, and record employee health in detail

Information such as conditions, vacations, and contact with personnel in key affected areas.

2. For employees in key epidemic areas such as Hubei, follow up and contact people, and ask not to return.

3. The same registration, tracking, and control measures are implemented for dormitory managers, canteen supply units, and other outsourced units.

Implementation of prevention and control measures

1.     disinfecting staff quarters.

2.     Strict implementation of the body temperature monitoring work, all employees on duty to take body temperature tests twice a day and night

a)     The body temperature was checked once by the security guards, and the personnel whose body temperature was higher than 37.5 were refused to enter the dormitory and the factory area, and notified the company's prevention and control leading group, and reported to the local community and relevant departments, and continued to work after the relevant hospital confirmed the diagnosis was normal..


We will treat outbreaks with caution and we will be accountable to our customers, So

any orders are warmly welcomed, we promise we will do our best to serve you.


And we hope everything goes well with you and your family and your friends.

During this Novel Corona Virus outbreak control period, pls take care of yourself.


Thanks for your kind attention and support.

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