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SK series pure sine wave power inverter is a product that newly developed by carspa R&D team.Pure aluminum casing,blue color style,and the design of the appearance is more high-end and classy.Combines with low voltage overheat,over voltage,short circuit,reverse polarity,overload and earth leakage protection in one.Cooling fan is controlled by load level and temperature both in default.Realize the 3-stage sleeping mode by dip switch,thus saving power.Also frequency 50/60Hz is switchable by dip switch.Designed with remote controller port to switch on/off the power.Can be equiped with LED digital display function.And the most outstanding feature  of SK is its surge power can  reach 3 times high as the rated power.Super surge power,load capacity is unprecedented strong.700W,1000W,2000W,3000W model for choice.